Iceland Bans Unvaccinated Visitors

Iceland Bans Unvaccinated Visitors March 12, 2019

Only the vaccinated are welcome.


Reykjavik, Iceland –  The island country of Iceland is banning anyone from entering who is unvaccinated. Proof of vaccination from a physician is needed for a noncitizen to enter for any amount of time.

The new law comes on the heels of a measles outbreak:

Four cases of measles have been reported in Iceland in recent days, making this the most serious outbreak in decades, RÚV reports. An adult passenger on an Icelandair flight from the Philippines carried the virus and managed to infect three others on the same plane, one adult and two children under the age of 18 months, which is the normal age of vaccination in Iceland.

Iceland’s parliament voted unanimously for the measure.

Andrew Kanard is one of the lawmakers leading the charge against anti-vaxxers entering the country of only 330,000. “One person gets the sniffles, and we all come down with a cold,” he sighed. “Iceland isn’t going to be put at risk because gaggles of idiots believe Jenny McCarthy over peer reviewed scientific studies.”

Mr. Kanard also pointed out parents shouldn’t try to sneak their unvaccinated children into the country. If they try and are discovered, then the children will be vaccinated immediately and the parents placed in quarantine.

Though the law is tough, many Icelanders believe it is fair. Children who are too young to be vaccinated and those who haven’t been vaccinated due to legitimate medical reasons are free to visit and stay in the North Atlantic country.

And what about those people who aren’t vaccinated due to religious reasons?

They can be sick somewhere else.

President Trump Responds

The President of the United States quickly took to Twitter to express his rage.

Iceland. First, they make us cold with their ice. Now, they’re telling good Americans they can’t visit. Who are they to tell US what to do? It’s every American’s right to make foreigners miserable. And sometimes miserable means measles, people. Fake Science. 

President Trump is urging all thoughts and prayers normally reserved for school shootings, natural disasters, and toxically malignant Republican tax plans be used to curse Iceland.

Evangelical leaders are only too happy to comply.

Meanwhile, the people of Iceland are enjoying not being dead due to being vaccinated.


Planet Earth Over Corporate Profits

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*This was inspired by the very true story  Iceland Faces Biggest Measles Outbreak in Decades Thanks to Unvaccinated Visitor

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