President Trump’s Enemies List Revealed

President Trump’s Enemies List Revealed March 9, 2019

Donald Trump’s ex-confidante, lawyer Michael Cohen revealed to the House Oversight Committee the President’s enemies list. Those with a knowledge of history recall the political furor when President Nixon’s enemies list came to light in 1973.

President Trump’s list is just as shocking.

Here are the names on President Trump’s enemies list:

  1. Nancy Pelosi (Democratic Representative from CA and Speaker of the House)
  2. Chuck Schumer (Ranking Democratic Senator)
  3. Hillary Clinton (Winner of the 2016 Presidential Election)
  4. Obama
  5. Rosie O’Donnell
  6.  Colin Kaepernick (NFL player who took a knee during the National Anthem)
  7. The Superfriends
  8. Michael Cohen
  9. Burger King (The despot who is in constant warfare against McDonald’s)
  10. His SAT scores
  11. Jay Z (Musical artist who doesn’t use instruments and supported Hillary)
  12. Bernie Sanders (The candidate who will win in 2020, but will never be President (see #3))
  13. The English Language (Not American enough)
  14. His tax returns
  15. The Emoluments Clause
  16. The Separation of Powers as written in the US Constitution
  17. The age of consent
  18. Jesus (The one in the Bible)
  19. Every other Jesus (Probably Mexican)
  20. Iceland
  21. Rick
  22. Morty
  23. Science
  24. Rhyme
  25. Reason


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