Trump Tweets ‘John McCain Will Always Be Chumbs Down’

Trump Tweets ‘John McCain Will Always Be Chumbs Down’ March 22, 2019


Washington DC – Following such Twitter related mishaps like Nambia, covfefe, and hamberder, President Trump’s latest tweet didn’t quite hit the mark.

John McCain is dead. Cancer shot him out of the sky like a Russian rocket. His fans say he’s thumbs up. Never. His chumbs will always be down, down, down.

The Twittersphere reacted as expected. Reasonable people mocked Trump’s abuse of the English language and the memory of Senator John McCain. Fans of the President insisted the word chumbs be added to the dictionary.

President Trump’s Beef With Senator McCain

The commander-in-chief’s problems with the late Senator was reported by the ABC News article  President Donald Trump criticizes late Sen. John McCain in weekend tweets.

McCain brought the Steele dossier to then FBI Director James Comey after the 2016 election. The document contains many assertions about Trump’s relationship with the Russians.

Senator McCain wasn’t ashamed at what he had done:

“The allegations were disturbing, but I had no idea which if any were true. I could not independently verify any of it, and so I did what any American who cares about our nation’s security should have done,” McCain wrote. “I did what duty demanded I do.”

A Bully With A Bully Pulpit

Professor Andrew Canard of Taradiddle University studies bullies and bully behavior. Books of his include Stop Hitting Yourself-Nelson on the Simpsons, and A Historical Overview of  Wet Willies and Wedgies. 

Professor Canard states President Trump needs to continually find new victims to bully or his social status will diminish:

Some people build their public personas on publicly demeaning others. This behavior garners them respect and high status. If the bully fails to continually find new targets, then he may well fall victim to bullies within his own tribe.

You can see this phenomenon with the Trump-Ann Coulter dynamic. If Trump isn’t constantly making fun of someone, Ann Coulter will swoop in like a vulture and pick his reputation apart.

White House staffers aren’t sure who will be Trump’s next target. Since he attacked the Girl Scouts for being too ‘sciencey’ can socialist toddlers be next?



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