25 Diseases Besides Windmill Cancer In Donald Trump’s America

25 Diseases Besides Windmill Cancer In Donald Trump’s America April 14, 2019

It’s well known President Donald Trump said the sounds windmills make cause cancer. The term windmill cancer is immortalized along with other gems like Nambia, covfefe, and hamberder.

The twitterverse had its field day with it.

For example,

Things Trump Supporters Say:
The Southern Strategy is a myth
Climate change is a hoax
Sandy Hook was fake
Windmill noise causes cancer
Vaccines cause autism
Obama was born in Kenya
Mexico will pay for the wall
The Bowling Green Massacre
Hillary ran a pizza parlor child sex ring


Here are 25 other diseases afflicting Donald Trump’s America.

  1. Critical Thinking Sclerosis
  2. Compassion Cancer of the Ball Sack
  3. Truth Diabetes
  4. Impeachment Syndrome
  5. Solar Power Obesity
  6. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Herpes
  7. Separation of Powers Constipation
  8. Puerto Ricans are American Citizens Palsy
  9. Black Lives Matter Anxiety Disorder
  10. Women’s March Personality Diosorder
  11. Bernie Sanders Apoplexy
  12. Impeachment Hemophilia
  13. Stormy Daniels Hernia
  14. Nancy Pelosi Ataxia
  15. Blue State Heart Attack
  16. CNN Spasms
  17. Southern District of New York US Court Impetigo
  18. Rheumatic Beto Disease
  19. Impeachment Bowel Disease
  20. The 99% Foot Fungus
  21. Uppity Vaginas
  22. Independent Judiciary Measels
  23. Hail Satan? Asthma
  24. Obsessive Compuslive Good Grammar Disorder
  25. Hillary Got More Votes Than Me Persecution Complex

Do you know of any other medical conditions?

Feel free to add them in the comments.

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