The Devil Releases A Press Release On The Notre Dame Fire

The Devil Releases A Press Release On The Notre Dame Fire April 16, 2019




(Don’t Blame The Devil For An Act Of God)

City of Dis, Hades (April 16, 2019) Many souls on Earth are reeling with the burning of Notre-Dame de Paris. The images of the cathedral in flames and the collapse of its spire are burned in memory for eternity. In the wake of the disaster, we are all reminded of the fragility of art. Beauty can be fleeting, even when encased in stone.

Please allow me to be brief and blunt — Hellfire had nothing to do with the burning of Notre Dame.

It seems like a crime to have to point that out. After all, the world is still grieving. However, certain forces in earthly society take advantage of hearts and minds in such emotional times. In such situations thinking is impaired, and feelings can dominate.

We Can Grieve Without Scapegoats

Due to the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens, the experience of loss typically gets transformed into the need to put blame on an individual or group. Unscrupulous people want to use that instinct for personal gain. Focus blame on someone and you get power. Make a bogeyman responsible for the world’s problems and you may get tax free property and 10% tithes.

Sometimes it gets you elected President of the United States.

I’ve been made into a bogeyman. Believe me, I had nothing to do with the burning of Notre Dame.

When one reflects on all the evil in the world, why would the supposed Prince of Darkness take time to burn a centuries old cathedral right now? If I were the Prince of Darkness (and I’m not regardless of what slander is leveled against me), wouldn’t I have torched that church long ago? What’s more likely? The Devil waiting to burn the ancient structure until that very minute or was it a horrible accident that occurred during renovations?

The answer is clear.

At the risk of sounding snippy, I also want to point out the cross in Notre Dame that escaped the disaster is not a miracle. The cross survived out of dumb luck. I know we all wish to find hope in the ashes. We can do that without having to resort to supernaturalism. Find hope in the efforts of the firefighters who fought the blaze. May your hearts find comfort in the pledges from nations to donate to the rebuilding of the cathedral.

Though I am victim of a smear campaign that paints me as the source of all evil, one of my official titles is The Accuser. In that role I am not accusing mortals of sin against God. Rather, I am that voice that asks “When three black churches burned to the ground, how did you feel in your heart of hearts?”


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