The Joe Biden Intervention – SNL

The Joe Biden Intervention – SNL April 8, 2019

Saturday Night Live takes a stab at Joe Biden’s predilection for touching in this video Joe Biden Cold Open – SNL

If you’re not aware of the backstory here is a sliver from The New Yorker article Joe Biden and the Perils of Good Intentions:

What’s changed is not the severity or nature of the offenses—no one has accused Biden of sexual misconduct. It’s just that the voices narrating the scenes have switched, so that we’re looking at the same gestures through a different lens. We’re looking through the lens of Lucy Flores, who wrote in The Cut that her encounter with Biden before a campaign event in 2014 left her feeling “uneasy, gross, and confused.” Or the lens of Amy Lappos, who said that, at a 2009 fund-raiser, Biden grabbed her around the neck and rubbed noses with her. “It’s not affection,” Lappos told the Hartford Courant. “It’s sexism or misogyny.”

Check out the video and see if SNL hits the mark.

Poor Joe. If he had my anxiety disorder, then he wouldn’t want to touch hardly anyone.

We all can’t be lucky like me.

Now, I could be speaking too soon, but I haven’t seen Biden take to Twitter and threaten Saturday Night Live like our dear President.

Biden did tweet he’s going to do a better job not invading personal space:

Hey Joe, in case you’re having trouble keeping yourself in check, I have enough anxiety to share.


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