An Atheist Reads The Bible: Exodus 21-22

An Atheist Reads The Bible: Exodus 21-22 May 22, 2019

Hey everyone, this is Andy. I’m reading though the Bible. Today we’re going through chapters 21 and 22 in the Book of Exodus.

These two chapters are all about laws. Last time we met we went through the 10 commandments. I mentioned there are actually 613 laws. Here are a gaggle of them. These laws cover how to treat slaves to what happens when you hit a pregnant woman and she loses a child.

I guess that was common back then?

Just to let you know, I started another show on my YouTube channel. It’s called Best Advice Ever. And as you can guess by the name, guests chat with me about the best advice they ever got. And the advice will cover the best tip they ever got professionally as well as the best advice they ever got on how to be a better person.

I hope you take some time and watch this video An Atheist Reads The Bible Exodus 21-22.

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