An Atheist Reads The Bible: Exodus 23 – 24

An Atheist Reads The Bible: Exodus 23 – 24 May 25, 2019

Hey, everyone! I hope you are doing well. As many of you know, I’m reading through the Bible and making videos of my journey. Here, I’m reading the Book of Exodus chapters 23 and 24. These chapters have it all. God chats with Moses and the elders of Israel, and shares His genocidal AND ethnic cleansing fantasies.

And there are laws. Laws about donkeys and oxen. And when the LORD says it’s OK to party.

It’s good times in the good book!

I hope you enjoy the video, An Atheist Reads The Bible: Exodus 23-24

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Andrew Hall is the author of Laughing in Disbelief. Besides writing a blog no one reads, co-hosting the Naked Diner, he wrote a book no one reads,  Vampires, Lovers, and Other Strangers. There are rumors his stand-up is funny. When he isn’t shouting at the darkness on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook he is showing his kids how not to behave. Oh, he’s reading through the Bible and talking to interesting people on YouTube


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