Best Advice Ever Episode #1 – Podcaster Philip Kapitan

Best Advice Ever Episode #1 – Podcaster Philip Kapitan May 20, 2019

Best Advice Ever is a show I’m doing on YouTube where people sit down and talk about the best advice they ever received. This episode features Philip Kapitan. Phil runs the Hangover Haze podcast. He’s been a guest on my podcast Naked Diner. I was also a guest on his show.

Phil and I talk about who gave him the best advice, what it was, and how it affects him to this very day.

I feel very fortunate I got the opportunity to talk with him on this subject. Even though we’ve been each other’s shows we never covered this topic. I never heard this part of his story before.

I hope you enjoy this conversation. Perhaps something we say will help you on your journey.

Enjoy this video Best Advice Ever Episode 1 – Podcaster Philip Kapitan .

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