Iceland Fines People $36 For Claiming Evolution Isn’t True

Iceland Fines People $36 For Claiming Evolution Isn’t True May 20, 2019

Reykjavik, Iceland – The government of Iceland is fining anyone within the country the equivalent of $36 if they communicate evolution isn’t true.

The move comes as a wave of creationists swarm social media platforms with disinformation about the scientific theory.

”American Evangelicals are targeting our happy, secular country with their Bronze Age beliefs,” Prime Minister Andrew Kanard stated. “They want to turn Iceland into Alabama.”

No one in Iceland’s parliament is surprised at American Evangelicals using social media to undermine scientific literacy in the North Atlantic country. After all, Iceland recently kicked out Vice President Mike Pence and placed mental health warning labels on all Bibles.

Iceland’s citizens are overwhelmingly supportive of their government. In a snap poll, 88% agreed to the new fines. “Did you know Alabama’s restrictions on abortion are more severe than Iran’s?” one anonymous citizen exclaimed. “We don’t need that sort of nonsense here.”

Evangelicals Vow To Fight On

Reverend Nathan Bedford Forest heads the American Society of Scripture (ASS). Reverend Forest believes Christ has called him to head the spiritual assault on the peaceful island country of 330,000 souls.  “By the time we’re done with them, they’ll be drinking sweet tea and asking ‘If evolution were true, then why are there still monkeys?’”

Sources deep in ASS report the organization may be getting help from Russian Intelligence. Russian President Vladimir Putin wishes to sow discord among Western countries, and what better way to do that than use toxically stupid Americans?

“It makes sense when you think about it,” Prime Minister Kanard reflected. “They helped get Donald Trump elected. Why not turn another country into an asylum?”

The Future

Pundits are calling the Iceland-Evangelical conflict the New Cold War. While this conflict doesn’t feature nuclear weapons, the fate of civilization may lie in the balance. Will the future belong to science or Jesus’ favorite fast food, Chik-fil-A?

Only time will tell.


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This Poe is based on the very real story  Russia plans law to fine people £36 for claiming HIV and AIDS don’t exist as conspiracy theory spreads online and more than 100,000 people were infected with the deadly virus last year.

And, yes, Iran’s abortion laws are more liberal than Alabama’s.

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