Elizabeth Warren Asks Iran To Do USA Regime Change

Elizabeth Warren Asks Iran To Do USA Regime Change June 23, 2019

Charleston, South Carolina – Talking to a crowd of supporters Democratic candidate Massachusetts’s Senator  Elizabeth Warren asked Iran to execute regime change in Washington DC. “Iran, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to get Donald Trump and the Republicans out of office.”

Senator Warren’s comments comes just days before the first Democratic debate. Although Joe Biden is still the front runner, her poll numbers are on the rise. Some within Warren’s campaign report she is sending a message to Trump supporters signaling she can be as tough and unorthodox as the commander-in-chief.

Andrew Canard is the official spokesperson for the Warren campaign. “Of course, the Senator isn’t asking for Iran to militarily invade the US,” he noted. “But what if they found some damaging information about him? Or create enough chaos and the economy suffers?”

President Trump Responds

President Trump told reporters it’s unAmerican for candidates to ask foreign powers to interfere with US politics. When one member of the press reminded him he asked Russia to find Hillary’s emails, Trump said, “Fake news!” and had the reporter tossed out.

In the middle of talking with the press, Trump took to Twitter and sent this message to his supporters:

Pocahontas Warren is asking Iraq to toss out the Greatest Brain President of all times. I made taxes go away. I’ll make cancer disappear. Moses parted the Atlantic Sea. In my second term I’m raising Elvis from the Dead. Iran get out of America!

Democrats Are Cautious

Leaders in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are secretly urging Senator Warren it may be too early for this level of crazy talk. After all, the Democratic base is very different from the Republican. Mirroring the insane strategy that worked for Donald Trump in 2016 before the general election may hurt her chances with the more informed and educated Democratic primary voters.

In related news, a recent poll found 92% of likely Democratic primary voters believe having 10 people stand onstage for a debate is an idiotic idea. Many support a NCAA style bracket system where two contenders face each other and the winner moves on for the next round. “It’ll create a lot of excitement and media hype,” one anonymous Democrat said. “And that’s what we need right now.”


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