Christopher Hitchens Slaps Around Jordan Peterson

Christopher Hitchens Slaps Around Jordan Peterson July 29, 2019

YouTuber and friend of the Naked Diner Podcast Thomas Westbrook created the video, Christopher Hitchens vs. Jordan Peterson | Debating about Religion, Morality, & Culture, where Christopher Hitchens debates woo-master extraordinaire Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson likes to dress his arguments with mythological mumbo-jumbo which is designed to fool the ignorant into believing idiocy (the classic strategy of Christian propagandists). Even though Hitchens is still quite dead, he’s able to Hitchslap Peterson’s feeble attempts to use worn out bullet points against atheists and godlessness.

Here is how Thomas describes the video:

Christopher Hitchens debates Jordan Peterson on religion, morality, and culture. Will Christopher Hitchens hitchslap Jordan Peterson and demonstrate that religion poisons everything, or will Dr. Peterson show how religion is the foundation of morality, art, and culture and without it society would be lost?

Here it is!

If you like to see my satirical posts on Jordan Peterson you can take a gander at:

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