Top 10 President Trump’s Heroes

Top 10 President Trump’s Heroes July 15, 2019
This guy didn’t make the list.

FOX News recently asked President Trump who his top 10 heroes are.

Here is the list and a comment by Trump on why they made the list:

10. President Coriolanus Snow – “A great man with a name fit for the whites.”

9. Witch-king of Angmar – “Great negotiator. Takes no prisoners.”

8. The Night’s King – “Cool as a cucumber.”

7. Jefferson Davis – “Greatest. American. President. Ever.”

6. Charles Ponzi – “He wasn’t American, but he built the best pyramid.”

5. 1984’s O’Brien – “He went undercover to find traitors. Brave.”

4.  Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy – “A man ahead of his time.”

3. Cobra Commander – “Star of television and the big screen.”

2. Alex Jones – “He’s saying everything the gerbils in his head tell him.”

1. Jesus Christ – “He never spoke out against rape or slavery. My kinda guy.”


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