13 Miracles Of President Donald Trump

13 Miracles Of President Donald Trump August 7, 2019
This rainbow was brought to you by President Trump’s amazing grace.

The Southern Baptist Confederation of Faith (SBCF) recently published 13 miracles attributed to President Donald J. Trump. Although it’s not an exhaustive list, it does show the wondrous works of the President of the United States of America.

13. The expulsion of deep state demons from the Justice Department.

12. Turning the water held in the foreign emoluments jars into cold hard cash.

11. Catching a large number of valuable pieces of information from foreign powers.

10. Healing the white supremacy movement.

9.  Feeding the evangelical multitudes with two Supreme Court Justices.

8.  Resurrecting Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of jail.

7.  Healing Twitter. Pre-Trump it was irrelevant. Now, it’s vibrant with psychosis.

6.  Turning gold into poo Part 1 – Tax cuts made a lot of American’s taxes higher.

6.  Turning gold into poo Part 2 – Continuous trade wars are hurting farmers.

4.  Turning gold into poo Part 3 – Trade wars damaging are American industry.

3.  Exacerbating the storm. Fueling divisions in America with lies and hate speech.

2.  Dividing the Brown Sea. Trump separates immigrant children from parents.

1.  The resurrection of fascism. Trump is making concentration camps sexy again.

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