Best Advice Ever #9 With Author And Atheist John Loftus

Best Advice Ever #9 With Author And Atheist John Loftus September 6, 2019

Atheist and author John Loftus sits down and talks about the best advice he ever got! You may know him from the books he’s penned like Why I Became An Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity, How To Defend The Christian Faith: Advice From An Atheist, and The Outsider Test Of Faith: How To Know Which Religion Is True. John Loftus has also edited books like Christianity Is Not Great and The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails.

I first heard about John from his popular blog Debunking Christianity. If you’re interested in deconstructing Christianity, then you should pay it a visit!

Oh, and you may also know him from his episode on the Naked Diner Podcast!

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