Former Gay Conversion Therapy Leader Converts Mike Pence

Former Gay Conversion Therapy Leader Converts Mike Pence September 7, 2019

McKrae Game recently came out as gay. For decades he ran Hope for Wholeness, a Christian organization that said it could convert people who are gay into straight as arrow heterosexuals. Mr. Game peddled fake science to those men and women who were brainwashed by their faith into denying their sexuality.

Trying to make amends for his past sins, Mr. Game is now embracing the scientific community and the scientific method. His new organization, A Candle in the Dark (ACD), hopes to convert evangelicals into rational human beings. The program reaches out to Trump supporters, Libertarians, and other conspiracy-obsessed groups and tries to turn individuals to a path of reason. McKrae Game’s latest success story is convincing Vice President Mike Pence that Darwin’s theory of evolution is true.

“The big thing was explaining what a scientific theory actually is to Pence,” explained ACD outreach counselor Andrew Canard. “Once Vice President Pence understood a scientific theory is different from just hanging out with your buddies and talking about what The Wizard of Oz really means, the flash of insight occurred.”

Like many who are newly converted, Pence is spreading the good news. He is telling everyone in the White House why there are still monkeys. Insiders report Pence is doodling on napkins at luncheons to explain how human beings and monkeys share a common ancestor.

ACD outreach counselor Andrew Canard warns that Mike Pence is still a work in process and he’s still homophobic as all get out. Converting to rationality is not a linear process and oftentimes it’s a case of two steps forward and one step back. Some people may take years to throw away every toxic evangelical doctrine.

“What I can confidently say right now is that the Vice President is on the right path,” Canard quacked. “He is evolving in his own way right now. I am hopeful. Someday he may just be queen at a Pride parade.”

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