The Case For Impeaching Trump – Professor Allan Lichtman

The Case For Impeaching Trump – Professor Allan Lichtman September 25, 2019


Professor Allan Lichtman wrote The Keys to the White House: A Surefire Guide to Predicting the Next President . He’s accurately predicted presidential elections since 1984.

Professor Lichtman wrote a piece for the Daily News. Impeachment matters no matter what the Senate does: Democrats shouldn’t wring their hands over whether Republicans will agree to oust Trump. As the title suggests, the time for indecision is over. Democrats should impeach Trump whole-heartedly.

Professor Lichtman argues that impeaching Trump makes sense “morally, constitutionally, and politically.” However, there will be voices on the political left who will argue history does not suggest impeachment is wise. After all, Clinton served his full term. And didn’t Nixon win a second term, too?

Lichtman states:

Although President Richard Nixon resigned before he was impeached and tried, damning public testimony before congressional committees drove his 67 percent approval rating down to 25 percent and turned leaders of his own party against him. Even if the Senate ultimately acquitted the president, the revelations of a public Senate trial could crack Trump’s voter support and doom his chances for reelection. The impeachment of Bill Clinton may have lost a few House seats for Republicans, but it gave them the greater prize of the presidency in 2000. George W. Bush campaigned on the themes of restoring honesty and integrity to the White House and a quarter of voters said the scandal was very important for their decisions.

Professor Lichtman was on the Naked Diner Podcast a few weeks ago. He pointed out impeachment is necessary. The Democrats running several inquiries at once won’t create a spectacle. And a media spectacle (i.e., impeachment) has a greater chance of waking up those Americans who haven’t been paying attention.

You can listen to Professor Lichtman on the Naked Diner here. 

I also turned the podcast into a video.

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