78% Of White GOP Women Don’t Know What ‘Lynching’ Means

78% Of White GOP Women Don’t Know What ‘Lynching’ Means October 30, 2019

In a new poll by Miskatonic University shows 78% of Republican women believe the word lynching means calling someone a nasty name. Researchers contacted 3,021 participants for the study. Ages range from 18 – 88. One hundred percent identify themselves not as white non-Hispanic but by “American.”

The subjects were contacted by telephone. They were asked “What does the word lynching mean?” They were given four options to choose from:

A. Giving someone a great big hug.

B. Attending a box social on a Saturday night.

C. To put to death, especially by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority. Traditionally used by American whites as a terror tactic on Blacks to ensure white supremacy.

D. Calling someone a nasty name.

78% gave D as an answer. 12% went with B. 7% answered A. And 3% yelled into the phone Blue Lives Matter!

In a related poll, 98% of white Republican men know the definition of lynching. 100% don’t care how President Trump uses the term.


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