Suicide And Mental Health — Naked Diner Podcast #163

Suicide And Mental Health — Naked Diner Podcast #163 October 8, 2019

Naked Diner Podcast #163 features the hosts of the video podcast  Suicide ‘n Stuff, Dese’rae L. Stage and Jess Stohlmann-Rainey. As the the name of their podcast name suggests, the hosts talk about, well, suicide and stuff.

Here is Dese’rae L. Stage’s bio from their Facebook page:

Des is an artist, mom, suicidologist, and activist. She created Live Through This (LTT), a multimedia storytelling series that aims to reduce prejudice and discrimination against suicide attempt survivors. It reminds us that suicide is a human issue by elevating and amplifying survivors’ voices through raw, honest stories of survival, and pairing them with portraits—putting faces and names to the statistics that have been the only representation of attempt survivors in the past. Des has interviewed and photographed 186 suicide attempt survivors in 36 US cities since 2010. LTT has been covered by the New York Times, TIME, CBS Evening News, VICE, and many more. Des speaks about her work and experiences at universities and suicide prevention events nationwide. LTT is used as a resource by clinicians and as a teaching tool at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Des has partnered with research teams in an effort to bring attempt survivor experiences to the forefront of suicide research. Her byline has appeared in Cosmopolitan (gay divorce), CNN (suicide), Romper (infertility), and more. She’s fun at parties. Twitter: @deseraestage & @lttphoto.


And here’s Jess Stohlmann-Rainey bio:

Jess is is a researcher, trainer, and advocate serving as the Director of Program Development at Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners. She has focused her career on creating pathways to intersectional, justice-based, emotional support for marginalized communities. Her work has been published/featured in Mad in America, the RMIRECC’s Short Takes on Suicide Prevention, No Restraints with Rudy Caseras, Postvention in Action: The International Handbook of Suicide Bereavement, and The Suicide Prevention Resource Center. Jess centers her lived expertise as an ex-patient and suicide attempt and loss survivor in her work. She lives in Denver, CO with her partner (Jon) and a 16 year old chiweenie (Marty), and has a taxidermied two-headed duckling (Phil & Lil) for an office mate. You can check out her website at, or find her on Twitter (@jessstohlmann) or Facebook for a steady stream of opinions and geriatric dog photos.

This episode of the Naked Diner Podcast is full of information and strangely enough fun.


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