Iceland Bans Christians From Several Tourist Sites

Iceland Bans Christians From Several Tourist Sites November 10, 2019

Reykjavik, Iceland – This small island country in the North Atlantic is making big waves by instating a new law against Christians visiting several of its landmarks. The Iceland Heritage Defense Act (IHDA) takes effect immediately. No follower of Christ may step foot in the areas designated in the statute.

The Genesis of the Iceland Heritage Defense Act

Conde Nast Traveller reports Iceland’s struggle with tourists:

The country received seven visitors per resident by the end of 2017, causing the government to start focusing more on visitor management and infrastructure. But sometimes authorities simply cannot prepare for the sizes of crowds, as is the case with Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon. The Environmental Agency of Iceland announced a months-long closure of the site this week, citing high pedestrian foot traffic destroying the canyon’s fragile vegetation.

“Seven tourists per citizen puts strains our population of 330,000,” stated Iceland’s Prime Minister Andrew Kanard. “We had to find a way of managing the most troublesome group – Christians.”

Icelandic officials repeatedly stated the sad tale of Christian tourists causing trouble in some of the country’s most cherished sites. One tour group of American evangelicals littered a pagan shrine with Chick tracts — short evangelical morality stories told in a comic book format. A family of Southern Baptists smuggled in a Christian televangelist into the country. The family and the minister were deported immediately in accordance with the Icelandic Psychological Defense Act. One Calvinist created a stir at a Starbucks because the barista got the name wrong for his coffee order — Jesus Billionaire Kanye West .

The Iceland Heritage Defense Act’s Controversies

The IDHA strictly prohibits Christians from entering the following locations:

  • Starbucks
  • Pagan sites
  • Libraries
  • Women health centers
  • Richard Dawkins Monument To Reason
  • Hot water springs

Such restrictions on those following the Christian faith comes with problems. The Vatican is freezing all services in the country. No Catholic resident or tourist may go to Mass. Iceland is pledging to fly its one remaining Catholic citizen to Greenland for the weekly ceremony. Accountants within the Icelandic government state they’re still saving money under this agreement.

President Trump is famous for courting Christian fundamentalist voters. With the presidential election occurring within the year, there is sure to be blowback from the United States of America. When there has been trouble in the past between the two NATO members, cooler heads prevailed. However, there is a common consensus on both sides of the Atlantic Trump may do something erratic.

“We stand ready to defend Iceland’s secular institutions,” remarked Prime Minister Kanard. “We just wished Americans would be dedicated to theirs.”


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