President Trump Killed This CNN Fact-Checker

President Trump Killed This CNN Fact-Checker November 7, 2019
“I didn’t do nothing. If I did, it was perfect.”

Washington DC – CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale died last night from repeated lies told by the President of the United States of America Donald Trump.

Mr. Dale attended a Trump campaign rally in Louisiana when the tragic incident occurred. His tweets tell a tale of Trumpian sized falsehoods, and his struggle reporting the lies:


Andrew Canard is a reporter for the Flat Earth Gazette and a longtime friend of Daniel’s. He grew concerned for him as the night wore on.

”It was a train wreck,” he sighed. “The rally beat him down. In the end, he couldn’t even tweet. He just gazed into the distance, whispering Bernie for President in 2016.

Mr. Dale collapsed shortly after President Trump declared NASA is going to use clean coal to power its rockets.

He was rushed to an area hospital. Doctors declared him dead on arrival. There is no consensus on the official cause of death. Apoplectic Trump Syndrome? Dunning-Krugered by Proxy? Or perhaps it was a simple case of despair? A despair brought about by looking into the bottomless pit of narcissism and lies that is President Donald J. Trump.

He’s in a better place now,” reflected Andrew Canard. “Trump isn’t there.”

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