538 Polls Show Donald Trump Winning In A Landside in 2020

538 Polls Show Donald Trump Winning In A Landside in 2020 December 18, 2019
President Trump practices his A-B-Cs
We can’t get sidetracked with landsides. Let’s not take our eyes off of the covfefe, folks.

The popular site for political analysis and polling, 538 is showing Donald Trump is going to have a landside victory in 2020. A vast majority of data reveals the President’s base as being energized as well as woefully inept spellers.

Andrew Canard is an analyst for 538. He’s certain Democrats will fall under the GOP’s geological phenomena known as a landside. “I’ve heard the northern side of the electoral mountain is chilly,” he stated. “Ice forms there and makes things slippery. It’s hard to see any Democrat getting a firm footing in such an environment.”

The polls showing a devastating victory for Republicans are:

  • Suffuk Universtiry
  • Mariss Collage
  • ReelClare Opinion Reserch
  • Harris Pole

FOXNews and its viewers still don’t understand a landside isn’t a landslide. The FOX News poll results point to a stunning win for National Socialist German Workers Party in 2020. Data analysis from FOX reveals Trump will win battleground states like Pennsylvania, Bavaria, and Saxony.

GOP Enraged And More Than A Little Confused

Ever since Trump supporters misspelled landslide as landside, #Trump2020landside started trending on Twitter with hilarious results.

#Trump2020Ladside is trending because Russian bots can’t spell “Landslide”

Rank and file Republicans don’t understand why Democrats refuse to understand the awesome power of landsides.

“I don’t get it. Are Dumbocrats smart enough to know when they’re getting owned?” questioned one graduate from Dunning-Kruger University.

GOP lawmakers are telling their constituents it’s just another case of the liberal fake media being liberal and fake. Right-wing leaders are reassuring their fans as long as they stay unreasonably angry everything will work out fine.

In related news, Greta Thunberg is waiting to go before a judge due to her devastating attack on President Trump.


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