American Households At Christmas – Saturday Night Live

American Households At Christmas – Saturday Night Live December 15, 2019
A white conservative family reflect on the wonders of Trump at Christmas.
It’s widely known Democrats hate alpha-males.

American Households Cold Open – SNL is a look at three households at Christmas. Each home is a look into the tribe they represent. The white liberal family considers Trump to be a villain. The white conservatives support him. And the black family thanks God for, well. something to do with the New England Patriots.

I don’t want to ruin it for you.

Check it out.

My favorite part is when is the spot-on take of white people saying they aren’t going to vote for Donald Trump and then he gets re-elected thanks to the white vote. (If you’re interested in hearing a real-life personal story of white people behaving badly take a gander at this episode of Best Advice Ever with the write of The Out And Abouter, Paul Duncan. The tale starts at about minute 7.)

I would write about SNL’s swing at the electoral college, but most Americans won’t remember what that is until two days before the election.


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