The Onion Makes President Trump Its Man Of The Year

The Onion Makes President Trump Its Man Of The Year December 14, 2019

Onion Headquarters – Time magazine recently declared climate change activist Greta Thunberg its Person of the Year. Although only a child, Ms. Thunberg is giving the environmental movement a much-needed shot in the arm.

Time explains why they gave her the accolade:

The politics of climate action are as entrenched and complex as the phenomenon itself, and Thunberg has no magic solution. But she has succeeded in creating a global attitudinal shift, transforming millions of vague, middle-of-the-night anxieties into a worldwide movement calling for urgent change. She has offered a moral clarion call to those who are willing to act, and hurled shame on those who are not. She has persuaded leaders, from mayors to Presidents, to make commitments where they had previously fumbled: after she spoke to Parliament and demonstrated with the British environmental group Extinction Rebellion, the U.K. passed a law requiring that the country eliminate its carbon footprint. She has focused the world’s attention on environmental injustices that young indigenous activists have been protesting for years. Because of her, hundreds of thousands of teenage “Gretas,” from Lebanon to Liberia, have skipped school to lead their peers in climate strikes around the world.

President Trump has a history of passive-aggressively attacking her on Twitter. His most recent tweet reveals the United State’s President is at the top of his game when he’s cyber-bullying a child:


There are many reasons why President Trump loves to troll Greta Thunberg. One reason could be the President of the United States of America is so deep in the fossil fuel industry’s pockets that he’s forgotten what daylight is. Or perhaps Trump believes climate change is limited to what’s going on in his refrigerator and, hey, his milk is still pretty cold, so we’re all good, right? Most experts suspect Trump loves to needle Ms. Thunberg because he hates not being in the spotlight.

Enter The Onion

The Onion is a satirical media outlet that states it is America’s Finest News Source. Noting President Trump’s Person of the Year envy,  The Onion proclaimed him its Man of the Year for 1938.

Andrew Canard is the chief editor for The Onion. “President Trump earned this. Whether he’s stoking the fires of xenophobia or winning the gold medal in the Decathlon of Corruption, he’s earned being Man of the Year for 1938.

Trump supporters are enraged. Many Republicans see the award as a reference to Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. Time made the dictator of Nazi Germany its Person of the Year in 1938. Is The Onion saying Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler?

“We don’t make hackey jokes like that,” Mr. Canard quipped. “However, we’re not above manipulating the idiotic and racist elements of our society in doing it.”

Trump supporters say they’re not stupid, and that they are going to be boycotting onions until The Onion apologizes.

An adoloscent looks to the future.
Giving up masturbation because Jesus told him to.

Yes, this is a satirical article about a satire magazine giving an award to Trump.






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