Trump Tweets ’Jesus Gave Us The Election College’

Trump Tweets ’Jesus Gave Us The Election College’ January 20, 2020

President Trump reflects on Jesus and the US Constitution.
Jesus has this guy’s back.

President Trump defends the Electoral College by quoting scripture found in the US Constitution.

*Washington DC –  President Trump is facing a barrage of attacks for tweeting the “Election College” was handwritten into the US Constitution by none other than Jesus Christ.

The Election College is all American. I won it in 2016. Jesus is going to make me win it in 2020. Election college is found in Two Corinthians. Jesus put it into the Constitution after he punched King George in the pussy.

This bizarre statement seems to be in response to political pundits advocating the dissolution of the Electoral College. There’s been a growing number of voices asserting the institution is a holdover from a time when slaveholding states wanted to protect their peculiar institution from the more populous states in the union.

Democrats are up arms due to Trump not even knowing the proper name of the Electoral College he is defending. To add insult to the injury the Commander-in-Chief of Evangelicals still doesn’t understand it’s supposed to be Second Corinthians and not Two Corinthians.

Republicans are jumping to Trump’s defense. FOX News is running a special program called “Shouldn’t it be called the Election College?” GOP foot soldiers are appearing on the show and defending their boss.

Experts aren’t sure whether swing voters are sick and tired of this crappy reality show Trump is running. Democrats are hoping they are.

In related news, Finland’s female prime minister bans Trump.

*For a list of Trump scandals, click here.


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