New Poll: Will Some Democrats Vote For Trump?

New Poll: Will Some Democrats Vote For Trump? February 9, 2020


*Just before recent (and ongoing) debacle known as the Iowa Caucus, I had a disturbing thought:

Is Bernie Sanders such a divisive figure that some Democrats would rather vote for Trump in the general election if Sanders were the nominee?

My first reaction was No! Of course not!

After all, President Trump is so horrible that any rational Democrat would never vote for him. Just look at Trump’s policies about healthcare, immigration, women’s rights, trans rights, and the environment. And what about the man squeezing Ukraine to come up with dirt on Joe Biden in exchange for military assistance?

The idea of any Democrat voting for Trump under any condition seemed, well, absurd. If Senator Sanders somehow won the nomination, everyone would fall into line, right?

It won’t matter if Senator Sanders supports Democratic Socialism and that most Americans have been brainwashed to hate it. And would Donald Trump really fire the flames of anti-Semitism and in doing so convince some bigotted Democrats to vote Trump? Are there high ranking Democrats who would rather sabotage Sander’s campaign if he were the nominee out of spite or self-interest (otherwise known as sucking off the tit of Wall Street)?


I wasn’t so sure anymore. I decided to ask fans of the Laughing in Disbelief page to see what they thought. As many of you know, Facebook allows you to run polls. Although it’s not, scientific it would be an interesting way to see what people thought of my doomsday scenario.

Here is the question and the results:

Are there Democrats who would rather vote for Trump than Sanders in the general election?

As you would expect, the comments are interesting. I suggest you head over to the page and take a gander.

My girlfriend, who will vote Democrat regardless of who the nominee is, summarized the thinking of those people who believe there are Democrats who will vote Trump if Sanders is the candidate:

People think Bernie is crazy. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

What do you think?

*This isn’t the daily slice of satire you would normally find here. The funny will continue tomorrow.

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