‘Religion Is Poison’ States Iceland’s Leader

‘Religion Is Poison’ States Iceland’s Leader February 27, 2020

United Nations, New York City – Addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations Iceland’s Prime Minister stated, “Religion is poison.”

Iceland’s Prime Minister Andrew Canard was giving a talk on the climate change crisis. He noted how Australia’s government is considering to buy property from those who live in dangerous fire zones so they can move to safer areas. Prime Minister Canard noted it was an omen of things to come. Countries and their citizens will suffer economically. Trying to make his point more relevant, he pointed out they will have fewer resources to allocate to fighting future pandemics like the coronavirus.

Sources at the UN note many representatives from affluent and greenhouse gas producing countries present were not paying attention. The ambassador from the United States seemed to be playing connect-the-dots and failing miserably. The Saudi Arabian official lobbed spitballs at the Iranian representative.

It was obvious to Iceland’s Prime Minister they thought it was a joke.

“Religion is poison,” he stated clearly.

That got everyone’s attention.

“Not only is religion poison, but it poisons everything,” he followed up. “The only reason why countries like the United States and Saudi Arabia can get away with what they do is that they keep their populations under control with fairy tales. If people woke up we would have decision making more based on facts.”

Unfortunately, no one heard the last bit of the statement over the howls from the religiously inclined countries. They were quick to turn the debate from the upcoming destruction of the planet to their hurt deeply held beliefs and feelings.

Prime Minister Canard quickly left the chamber and flew back home. He knew he had made his point as futile as it was.

In related news, President Trump was fooled into pardoning fictitious characters. 


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