Top 25 Reasons Why Trump Supporters Hate Immigrants

Top 25 Reasons Why Trump Supporters Hate Immigrants February 13, 2020

What you’re thinking right now is, Not every Trump supporter hates immigrants. And that is probably true. However, every Trump supporter is the willing pawn of the Racist-in-Chief.

Let’s start our list of the top 25 reasons why Trump supporters hate immigrants.

25. Unemployment of God-fearing White people. Most of us need two jobs in this great economy. Every job is needed!

24. J Lo’s Halftime debacle at Super Bowl LIV

23. Hate crimes (entering the United States) against real Americans (white folk)

22. White women wanting spicy salsa and not caucasian condiments

21. Being exposed to foreign languages without subtitles

20. Immigrant Mexican drug lords are taking all the profits from hard-working pharmaceutical CEOs

19. Moral decline. The Bible doesn’t have minorities in it.

18. Global warming — which doesn’t exist but if it did then it would be immigrants’ fault.

17. There has never been a successful multicultural society.

16. White is right! D’uh.  Brown is something that’s wrong that rhymes with brown.

15. Some foreigner telling me my Chinese tattoo means “butt plug” in their language.

14. No, I don’t want to know about other places. Heck, I don’t want to know what life is like in Massachusetts.

13. Taco Bell means the world to me. I don’t want some uppity non-American telling me Taco Bell isn’t legit.

12. Jesus said the Good Samaritan made a wall to keep anchor babies out. 

11. I don’t need Andrew Yang to preach to me about math. I know my numbers good.

10. Islam. Muslims want to destroy our democratic institutions. That’s why I’m supporting President for Life Donald Trump.

9. Immigrants clog up our emergency rooms. I don’t have any health insurance and need to be seen.

8. I need a geography lesson to find the home country of the people I hate. I hate that.

7. A man can’t even watch Zulu anymore without feeling guilty about mowing down native people with machine guns.

6. My cousin Bobby is addicted to pain killers his doctor prescribed him. God dang immigrants.

5. Accents.

4. They keep telling me it’s hate speech when it’s love speech.

3. They have their own countries. The Irish were a totally different case.

2. White people don’t like being called immigrants in the United States of America. We stole everything fair and square.

1. Black people are immigrants, right? Well, there ya go.

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