A Fan Of Deepak Chopra Curses Patheos

A Fan Of Deepak Chopra Curses Patheos March 28, 2020

I don’t get hate mail too often. And I find that surprising. After all, I poke fun at, well, a lot of people every single day. However, occasionally there is an individual who reads an article and feels like they must take action.

The piece in question is Dr. Fauci Fired And Replaced By Deepak Chopra.

In case you are unfamiliar with the article, here is a taste.

Deepak Chopra is taking the China virus seriously. The man who wrote Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old and Do You Believe in Magic? plans to utilize all the tools in his toolbox of metaphysical medicine.

“Perception heals boundless timelessness. Existence opens intricate abstract beauty. The web of life is reborn in potential bliss,” he noted.

How could anyone find that insulting?

Patheos received a message yesterday from an irate Chopra fan.

If the following concerns are not your responsibility, please pass them along to someone whose responsibility they are. Andrew Hall truly does not know or understand Dr. Deepak Chopra. That’s Hall’s loss. The crassness of Hall’s recent article illustrates one of the major reasons why the USA is in decline and fall. His attempt at satire is thinly disguised, uncultured, ignorant venom. I unsubscribe. May Hall and your organization get no more, no less than what they deserve in these Interesting Times. AND!!! Remove my name and all of my information from your website. May your organization be damned for its invasiveness in collecting anything beyond name and e-mail.

I suppose if I’m not infuriating a certain segment of the population, then I’m not doing my job correctly.

Thanks for reading!


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