‘Don’t Blame Me I Voted For Bernie’ Made This Man Billions

‘Don’t Blame Me I Voted For Bernie’ Made This Man Billions March 4, 2020
The creator of ‘Don’t Blame Me I Voted for Bernie’ is unhappy despite all the money.
Don’t Blame Me I Voted For Bernie

March 4, 2021 – Andrew Canard should be a happy man. His Don’t Blame Me I Voted For Bernie design made him billions. Producing the shirt, hoodie, and mugs a day after Super Tuesday in 2020 got him on the first floor of the Joe Biden led political apocalypse of the Democrats. While that move helped him get his clothing line into the public eye, it was the sound trumping of Biden in the general election that catapulted him into the ranks of the ultrawealthy.

But Andrew Canard is an unhappy man.

Speaking from his mountain top fortress in New Zealand, Mr. Canard admits he would give all the cash away if he could turn the clock back and keep Trump from winning a second term. “*I went door-to-door for Bernie on Super Tuesday in Massachusetts,” he said. “After talking to a few people I understood people were more afraid than angry. And that was bad. Fear makes you nominate people like John Kerry, Hilary Clinton, and Mike Dukakis.”

Who Is Andrew Canard?

Misanthrope, curmudgeon, and longtime advocate of a speed lane at Starbucks for people who only want to order coffee and not an eight-syllable drink Mr. Canard has an unpopular history.

It’s as if Canard wanted to irritate as many friends, family, and foes as possible. In July 2019 he wrote 3 Leading Democratic Candidates Who Can’t Win In 2020. It was a condemnation of candidates, the Democratic Party, and the United States of America.

Here’s what he had to say about Senator Warren:

Never. Ever. Going. To. Happen.

I have seen good great candidates from Massachusetts get slaughtered by Republicans. These were intelligent and thoughtful individuals who understood policy and would’ve made great leaders

Mike Dukakis ran the state for years. He was effective and knew what he was doing.  But he didn’t look good in a tank. He couldn’t connect on a midbrain level with everyday voters. When you get asked, “Would you still support the death penalty if your wife was raped and then killed?” you have be angry. Visibly.

And John Kerry? I saw him walk out on stage at the Democratic convention and give that salute and thought Oh, we’re just giving the election to the Republicans. Very good. Excellent. 

The problem with Democratic candidates from Massachusetts is that they are too smart. OK, it isn’t that they’re too smart. Bill Clinton was brilliant. But he understood that wasn’t enough. 

And what about Sanders and Biden? While Sanders could win a general election against Trump (because Bernie would drain angry white people from Trump’s base) he wouldn’t get past the primaries.

And Biden?

“My thinking didn’t change a whole lot after Super Tuesday,” Canard admitted from his fortress of I Told You So. “The more I saw him the more I realized he wasn’t good in the pocket. I knew Trump was going to make him cry on national TV. After that happened, Biden’s nickname was Crying Joe Biden. We were doomed for sure after that.”

In related news, a local man wonders if things are out of control after 6 million are dead.

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*Yes, I canvassed for Bernie on Super Tuesday to get the vote out. Hilarity ensued.

"Dr. Canard wants you to know that his last name explains all."

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