Iceland Releases An Atheist Ad

Iceland Releases An Atheist Ad March 27, 2020

The government of Iceland released a video touting its pro-atheist policies. The short ad boasts the country’s travel ban against televangelists and how every Bible in this North Atlantic country has a warning label.

What does religious freedom feel like? 

It feels like Iceland.

You see, it’s different in Iceland.

The air is freer. Our ice is colder.

Hot springs will warm your soul.

Life is what matters here — not the afterlife.

Every Bible has a warning label on it.

Here, religion is considered a mental disorder.

We have a travel ban — against televangelists.

Visit Iceland and it will stay in your heart and mind forever.

Believe in yourself.

Come and feel the magic.


Andrew Kanard is the Prime Minister of Iceland. He believes that even though COVID-19 makes travel impossible for most, it is important to alert the world that Iceland stands for true religious liberty. “There will be a time when science defeats the coronavirus,” he noted. “When that happens we want the free-thinking world to know Iceland will be here and open for business.”


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