Ken Ham Opens The Atheist Museum Of Kentucky

Ken Ham Opens The Atheist Museum Of Kentucky March 18, 2020

Ken Ham exposes the evils of critical thinking and the scientific method.

Petersburg, Kentucky – Ken Ham, the young Earth creationist and creator of the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, unveiled his latest project  — the Atheist Museum.

The Atheist Museum is 80,000 square feet dedicated to the evils of godlessness. Subsidized by taxpayer money, Ham’s organization nearly spent $1.32 of its own money on the project.

While the Creation Museum boasts scenes of humans and dinosaurs living together as well as other wonders of Christian fan fiction, the Atheist Museum shows the hellish life of godlessness.

Exhibits include:

  • The Dawkins Hall of Damnation Evolutionary biologist and atheist Professor Richard Dawkins has the main hall named after him. Visitors will see the ungodly effects of teaching eviloution in schools has on today’s youth. Marvel at the School Shooter Diorama and the interactive Burning The God Delusion Game.
  • The Flat Earth Planetarium Ken Ham teamed up with the Flat Earth Planetarium in Houston, Texas to bring you this wonder. Marvel at the Old Testament model of the universe. Did you know God separated the waters of the heavens and the earth? That’s right, the sky you see is actually a solid barrier called the firmament. As an extra treat, you’ll also get to have a tour through Lucifer’s own kingdom, Hell.
  • Nazis! Nazis! Nazis!  Did you know Charles Darwin was a card-carrying member of the National Socialist German Workers Party? Check out this wing of the Atheist Museum and you will learn the pact he made with Satan and Hitler to keep humanity away from Little Baby Jesus.

Evangelicals are flocking to the Atheist Museum. Many parents are taking advantage of the free faith-based lobotomies for their children.

In related news, Finland’s first female prime minister bans President Donald Trump.


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