Sex Takes A Hit — Brothels Close In Nevada

Sex Takes A Hit — Brothels Close In Nevada March 20, 2020

As people around the globe stay inside in the hope to stop the spread of COVID-19 businesses are taking a hit. Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are feeling the brunt of social distancing.

Even the oldest profession is taking a hit. The Reno Gazette Journal reports Deemed ‘non-essential,’ brothels closing throughout Nevada because of COVID-19. 

One day after announcing they would not close, the Nevada Brothel Association announced on Thursday “a number of Nevada’s legal brothels have reassessed and are closing their doors” for 30 days because of the virus.

Gov. Sisolak on Wednesday added brothels to Nevada’s list of non-essential businesses.

“In light of that announcement, we’ve decided to voluntarily comply until further notice,” Lyon County brothel owner Suzette Cole said in the association’s press release.

COVID-19 is demonstrating one of the benefits of having legalized prostitution. If the practice was legalized throughout the United States, then workers wouldn’t be forced to operate during an epidemic. Now, it seems to be up to the judgment of pimps.

Sometime in the future perhaps the team at Freakonomics will figure out how many cases of coronavirus occurred because of sex workers plying their trade in the black market?

What do you think?


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