Coronavirus And Quarantine Humor

Coronavirus And Quarantine Humor April 2, 2020

My girlfriend thought it would be nice to work at the dining room table while I do whatever I do in the morning.

And what do I do?

I write jokes. Make memes. Go grab a coffee at that little place down the street.

She was on a work call and I heard her boss say she hoped everyone “Stay physically and mentally well.”

And this was my response.

You should pray for my girlfriend, Disbelievers. Not only did she have to hear me say the joke out loud, watch me post the written version of the joke on several social media platforms, record me saying the joke and then editing it and posting, she then had to hear me tagging it, too.
Here’s the tag.

Of course, I didn’t know when to stop.

Thanks for stopping by.


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