Democrats, Yelling At Bernie Supporters Isn’t Helping

Democrats, Yelling At Bernie Supporters Isn’t Helping April 11, 2020

Nice teeth?

It started out with a simple Facebook status

Democrats, yelling at people who supported Sanders is pushing them away from Biden.

and things went a bit crazy after that.

The comments went from calm to impassioned to downright yelly.

What I wanted to communicate was a simple fact that, hey, Biden people you all won. Be gracious in victory. And while many
Biden supporters are, I noticed there was some bullying going on.

Yes, I said it. Bullying.

There’s a more than a whiff of, “You better come on board the Biden boat or else!”

And that’s just a weird way to convince people your candidate is the right one.

It’s a logic similar to, “Believe in God or you’re going to Hell.”

That sort of messaging creates more problems than it helps.

And as a Bernie supporter, I know the pain of defeat. I feel it. It’s tough.

As we get closer to the election, I want to offer a thought.

Politics deadens reason.

It inflames passion.

Please, act accordingly.

Thanks for reading.



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