Iceland Bans Sociopaths From Government

Iceland Bans Sociopaths From Government April 23, 2020

Reykjavik, Iceland – The government of Iceland passed a measure today banning sociopaths from holding jobs in the government. The new statute dubbed The Anti-Trump Decree takes effect immediately and covers both elected and non-elected positions.

Prime Minister Andrew Canard remarked on this step forward. “We keep looking at how the wheels have fallen off the car in America. Our citizens are determined to protect our way of life from power-hungry politicians who have no empathy.”

Sociopath Traits

Iceland’s Ministry of Public Health (MPH) studied sociopaths for quite some time. These mentally ill people seem to have 7 characteristics.

  1. Doesn’t respect social norms or laws. They consistently break laws or overstep social boundaries.
  2. Lies, deceives others, uses false identities or nicknames, and uses others for personal gain.
  3. Doesn’t make any long-term plans. They also often behave without thinking of consequences.
  4. Shows aggressive or aggravated behavior. They consistently get into fights or physically harm others.
  5. Doesn’t consider their own safety or the safety of others.
  6. Doesn’t follow up on personal or professional responsibilities. This can include repeatedly being late to work or not paying bills on time.
  7. Doesn’t feel guilt or remorse for having harmed or mistreated others.

Scientists at MPH developed a variety of methods to test would-be politicians for sociopathy. There will also be an investigation into their past to see if they manifested symptoms.

Sources within MPH report they understand highly intelligent sociopaths may be able to trick the tests and avoid detection. However, scientists also point out it’s highly unlikely their country will fall prey to the likes of Mitch McConnell or Donald Trump.

In related news, Barron Trump runs away from home.


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