A Conversation With TIES Director Bertha Vazquez

A Conversation With TIES Director Bertha Vazquez May 28, 2020

Bertha Vazquez is the Director of the Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science (TIES). TIES educates middle and high school teachers on how to teach evolution in classrooms.

This is from the TIES ‘About’ section on their Facebook page:

TIES provides busy educators, homeschooling parents, and curious science lovers with an easily accessible online version of our professional development events and other helpful resources. The purpose of TIES is to inform interested science teachers about the most up-to-date concepts of natural selection, common ancestry, and diversity for them to confidently cover the topics in their classrooms and fulfill their curriculum requirements.

Bertha and I discuss the TIES successes as well as the challenges educators face teaching evolution.

We cover a lot of ground! I hope you enjoy the video.

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