Podcaster And Comedian Dennis Maler Best Advice Ever 32

Podcaster And Comedian Dennis Maler Best Advice Ever 32 May 18, 2020

‘Deadair’ Dennis Maler is our guest this week for Best Advice Ever!

Here’s a bit from his bio.

Deadair Dennis Maler is a comedian, actor, writer, & podcaster who has been heard on radio stations throughout the country including SiriusXM, DC101, The Party Playhousewith Jackson Blue and more. He has been featured on comedy festivals throughout the country, founded BostonComedyShows.com, is the Comedy Editor for DigBoston, and hosts the iTunes podcast So What Do You Really Do? He’s funny, loud, abrasively social, and allergy free since 1981.

Dennis and I take a deep dive and talk advice!

I hope you find value in our chat!

Here’s a link to the video!

You can find Dennis at his site: https://www.deadairdennis.com

He’s on Twitter, too! https://twitter.com/deadairdennis

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