Politics With A Side Of Apocalypse With Jonathan Pearce

Politics With A Side Of Apocalypse With Jonathan Pearce June 29, 2020

Jonathan MS Pearce (author of many books and A Tippling Philosopher blog) sat down with me today and discussed, well, everything a Brit and an American would talk about considering the current political environment.

And like most of the conversations on the Laughing in Disbelief YouTube channel, I drew new connections between old pieces of information. The biggest connection is — and yes, let’s have a drumroll for some dramatic effect!




Just as the United States never grappled with its history of slavery, Britain never dealt with its colonial past. In America this created Donald Trump and his political movement. In Britain, it created Brexit, and its advocates.

And some of you are rolling your eyes and saying, “Andy, is this just another way of saying white people tend to have conniptions when there are brown and black-skinned people around?”

OK, maybe that’s true. But isn’t comedy about boiling down information into bite sized pieces?

And the other nugget I unearthed in my chat with Jonathan is When a society gets rid of meritocracy, you will get aristocracy. 

I hope you enjoy our conversation.


Here is the link on YouTube.


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