Atheists Drinking Out Loud

Atheists Drinking Out Loud July 26, 2020

Three atheists walk into a pub during the apocalypse…

The coronapocalypse has killed off a good amount of in-person socializing. Over the past months, many of us have been cut off from friends and family. We are social creatures. Even introverts occasionally want to get together and kvetch about what those extroverts are doing.

Seamus from Free Thought Prophet, Neil the 604 Atheist, and your humble humorist decided to sit down, have a few pints, and did a live show on my YouTube channel.

The beer flowed.

Laughs were had and we all learned a bit more about each other.

We talked atheism, COVID, and that crazy story from back in the day when Neil was a bouncer.

I like to think we were able to light a candle or two in the darkness.

Enjoy the video.

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