This Company Spreads Conspiracy Theories

This Company Spreads Conspiracy Theories August 5, 2020

ConspiraWin is a company dedicated to spreading false information.

Here is a commercial for the business.

Link to YouTube


Are you feeling the world is leaving you behind?

Do you look at all the pseudoscience, rumors, and wild speculation on the Internet and wonder “why can’t I do that?”

Well, friend, you can.

We can help you.

We are CospiraWin.

ConspiraWin has a long history of helping anyone with a “hidden” truth.

We will get your message out!

The conspiracy theories you see today all started out with one person’s vision. The Moon landing hoax was launched by a NASA engineer whose manager didn’t okay his vacation request. ConspiraWin was there to help out! Christianity started out because one little girl named Mary got pregnant out of wedlock. And ConspiraWin saved the day and now the Virgin Birth is accepted Catholic doctrine.

You may be thinking, “But my idea of the center of the Earth being made of ice is far fetched? No one is going to believe that!”

In a world where people believe windmills cause cancer, we say no dream is too big!

ConspiraWin will take your fledgling idea and feed it to our YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok operatives. These savvy social media professionals will raise doubts with the prevailing scientific consensus. They will say “No one has ever seen the planet’s core except Jesus,” and “Science is wrong all the time. That’s why science has “theories” and not Jesus.”

Within 30 days we guarantee you CNN will run a story on how your conspiracy theory isn’t true. We will also give you 100% assurance FOX News will say your crazy idea about the Earth’s core being an icy ball is true.

Follow your heart.

Listen to the voices no one else can hear.

Team up with ConspiraWin.

There is a high likelihood you have figured out that this video is a satirical piece. You can find it on the Laughing in Disbelief YouTube channel along with other funny videos, interviews, and comedy shows.

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