US Senate Passes ‘The Karen Amendment’

US Senate Passes ‘The Karen Amendment’ August 30, 2020

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Washington DC- All 53 Republican senators voted for a constitutional amendment protecting the societal group known as “Karens.”  The measure seeks to ensure the right of middle-aged white women to talk to managers, call the police on suspicious black people, and yell at anyone who disrespects their vintage Bon Jovi jacket.

Who Are Karens?

The term Karen broke onto the scene recently. However, this societal subgroup is anything but new. They’ve been stalking cul-de-sacs and aisles of big box stores for quite some time.

Here is a brief overview of the study of Karens, i.e., Karenology.

Kansas State University professor Heather Suzanne Woods, whose research interests include memes, said a Karen’s defining characteristics are “entitlement, selfishness, a desire to complain”, and that a Karen “demands the world exist according to her standards with little regard for others, and she is willing to risk or demean others to achieve her ends.”[2] Rachel Charlene Lewis, writing for Bitch, agrees, saying a Karen “sees no one as an individual, instead moving through the world prepared to fight faceless conglomerate of lesser-than people who won’t give her what she wants and feels she deserves. She’ll wield the power that, yes, might be very different from that of a white man, as she makes her demands. And that feeling of entitlement is what makes her, undeniably, a Karen.

The meme carries several stereotypes, the most notable being that a Karen will demand to “speak with the manager” of a hypothetical service provider.[5][10] Other stereotypes include anti-vaccination beliefs,[5] racism,[11] excessive use of Facebook, and a particular bob haircut with blond highlights. Pictures of Kate Gosselin and Jenny McCarthy‘s bob cut are often used to depict Karen,[8] and their bobs are sometimes called the “can-I-speak-to-your-manager” haircut.[6][5][12][10]

Republicans Take A Stand

Senate Majority Leader Kentucky’s Senator Mitch McConnell saw the need to bolster President Trump’s support among suburban women. Knowing that the House of Representatives would never approve of the Karen Amendment, he pushed it through the senate.

“Republican and right-leaning independent Karens are gonna know who has their back,” Senator McConnell said. “Vote for President Trump and other Republicans in November. By the end of October, it will be a federal felony for anyone to make fun of your minivan.”

Professor Andrew Canard teaches I Don’t Know If This Is Satire Or Not at Miskatonic University. He believes the outreach to Karens shows how desperate the GOP is. “What group of voters is Trump going to court next? Nazis?” he asked.

In related news, if you’re an atheist and voting for Trump, then you’re a bad atheist. 

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