Eric Trump Warns Of Planet X Collision If Biden Is Elected

Eric Trump Warns Of Planet X Collision If Biden Is Elected September 26, 2020

Orlando, Florida – President Trump is facing an uphill battle facing reelection. The site 538 states Joe Biden has a 77% chance of winning the election. Not only do national polls point to a Democratic victory, but state polls also point to a dramatic Biden win in the electoral college.

The White House sent Eric Trump to Florida in an attempt to bolster support for the President. Currently, the Republicans are in a tight spot with the Democrats in the lead. It was hoped Eric would help to turn the tide.

However, things went wrong from the start.

Addressing a large crowd of GOP donors, Eric stated that it Joe Biden wins, then we will all face an interplanetary disaster:

Ancient peoples knew about the Nibiru, otherwise known as Planet X, and predicted one day it would slam into our planet. The only thing preventing this catastrophe is Jesus. Jesus’ holy hands are keeping the planets and Sun rotating around the Earth. If we were to elect Joe Biden, Jesus will cry. He will have to pull his hands up to his face and Nibiru will destroy us all.

Eric also pointed out all the astrologers at NASA know about the situation, but refuse to speak out about it. Why? Because Obama and Hillary Clinton have a plan to rescue their friends, family, and allies and take them to Venus to live in an unholy new world order.

The Biden campaign hasn’t responded to this new accusation.

In related news, Bibles can now vote in Kentucky. 

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