Babylon Bee Now Boasts 88% More Evangelical Fascism

Babylon Bee Now Boasts 88% More Evangelical Fascism October 18, 2020

The Christian satirical site Babylon Bee announced today that it now has 88% more evangelical theocracy than ever before. The Bee has given up on such pieces as Water Slide in Church and decided to go full fascist with posts like Trump Now 2-0 Against Moderators and Trump Shares Babylon Bee Article And Thousands Accept Jesus In Their Hearts.

Andrew  Canard is CEO of the organization and is quite happy with the turn from subtle satire to on the nose jokes custom made for the FOX News crowd. “Look, it’s well-known conservatives don’t understand abstract humor. A year ago we were more popular with liberals because they understood the jokes poking fun at Christianity,” he said. “It’s well known we don’t make any money, so when our oligarchal-evangelical-theocratic overlords found out we were writing for atheists, well, the hammer came down on us.”

A recent study from Prevaricator University shows evangelicals are ecstatic with the new direction of the Babylon Bee. A majority love the idea of “owning the libtards.” However, most don’t read the articles, and when they do they respond a lot like Homer Simpson.

In related news, evangelicals crown President Trump Lord Protector of the Faith.

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