Her Biden Signs Were Stolen, So She Painted The Garage Door

Her Biden Signs Were Stolen, So She Painted The Garage Door October 15, 2020

With only a few weeks of the presidential campaign remaining, the war of the lawn signs is heating up. A few days ago a video went viral of a woman threatening to sue her neighbor due to a Biden/Harris sign. And now we see a brave Biden supporter painting her garage door in support of the Democratic ticket.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

BLAIR TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Trump 2020 campaign signs are visible from Sonja Bihary’s kitchen window, from her backyard and the front, spiked into the lawns she passes on her daily commutes, and spread across billboards on local highways.

Donald Trump received 73% of the vote in 2016 in rural Blair County, where Bihary lives with her husband and four daughters. So when the elementary teacher put up some campaign signs for Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, she expected a little pushback.

The pushback came in the form of stolen signs. Signs would go up, and then disappear in the night. After a few cycles of this happening, a solution emerged.

Bihary’s husband, an Army veteran who asked not to be named, takes credit for the idea of turning their garage door into a billboard, but she’s the one who bought the red and white paint, taped out the letters, and painted “Biden/Harris” on the approximately 16-by-8-foot panel. They were already planning to get a new door.

That’s one powerful way to show support.

I wonder what kind of responses she got?

“A woman on the back of a motorcycle gave me the finger,” said Bihary. “But I’d say the positive comments have outweighed the negative.”

That’s the sort of reaction I’d expect. Trump supporters are in the minority in many areas of the country (a quick look at the polls will tell you that). However, they are a vocal and motivated group, aren’t they?

Bihary said there are more signs for Biden than Hillary Clinton had in 2016, though she believes the support for Trump has gotten “obnoxious.”

“My garage door was my little reply to it all,” she said. “I mean, big reply.”

Kudos to the Bihary family. Hopefully, they won’t wake up to find their garage door vandalized.


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