Sex Worker Advocate And Comedian Kaytlin Bailey Speaks Out

Sex Worker Advocate And Comedian Kaytlin Bailey Speaks Out October 31, 2020

Kaytlin Bailey talks about sex work and sex worker rights.

I’ve known comedian, podcaster, and sex worker advocate Kaytlin Bailey for years. We chatted on my old show Naked Diner a number of times about her experience being a sex worker while in high school. In this conversation on YouTube, we talk about her podcast The Oldest Profession, sex work in the time of COVID-19, and Victoria Woodhull who was the first female candidate for President of the United States.

Here is Kaytlin’s bio from her site:

Kaytlin Bailey is a contrarian by nature and a provocateur by trade. As both a political activist and a comedian, it has been her job to throw rhetorical rocks at proverbial walls.

She came out as a sex worker in 2013. She went on to write about her experiences for Vice and other publications. Her one-woman show, Cuntagious, sold out performances in multiple NYC theater festivals.

As the host of the popular podcast The Oldest Profession, Kaytlin explores the history of sex workers. Each episode tells the tale of a different ‘old pro’ from history.

She recently joined the team at Decriminalize Sex Work as the Director of Communications to help direct the growing support for sex-workers’ rights toward a national strategy to end the prohibition of prostitution in the United States.

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