Stealing The Election? Stack The Deck!

Stealing The Election? Stack The Deck! October 28, 2020

Donald Trump and Amy Coney Barret are pleased with themselves.

Good morning! Well, it’s morning right now at the very least. I am co-hosting The Daily Atheist Morning Show with atheist  YouTuber Chris Mallard and The Rage. The three of us sit down and talk about the current state of affairs of the current state of affairs. With the election a few days away, it’s only natural to talk about the Supreme Court and its possible role in the ongoing mishegas (that’s craziness in Yiddish, by the way).

The live show starts at 9 AM Eastern and runs approximately an hour. If you join us on YouTube, then you will be able to ask questions and comment in the chat.

I hope you join us, and if you can’t you can still see the recorded broadcast.

Here is a link to YouTube.

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