Trump Getting COVID-19 – Karma, A Blessing, Or A Karmic Blessing?

Trump Getting COVID-19 – Karma, A Blessing, Or A Karmic Blessing? October 2, 2020

I went to bed last night with the news of Hope Hicks, a close confidante of President Trump, testing positive for coronavirus ringing in my ears. She’s been close to Trump in recent days, and I felt the chances of the COVID Denier-in-Chief getting the disease was high.

Waking up this morning was like waking up on Christmas morning with Santa giving great presents with a note saying “If you’re really good I’ll be back soon and take away your dysfunctional parents and bring you brand new ones who aren’t white supremacist narcissists ”

Winston Churchill in World War 2 talked about the Allies closing the ring on Nazi Germany. In the east, the Russians were making progress in their war of annihilation. North Africa and parts of Italy were liberated. The Normandy landings would eventually push the Nazis out of France.

President Trump has a ring of stupid closing around him. While the German Wehrmacht (army) had the combined strength of Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union, and other powers responsible for its demise, President Trump’s greatest enemy is President Trump.

The ring of stupid closing around the 45th President of the United States is of his own making. To state the obvious, if it wasn’t for him choosing to downplay COVID-19 many citizens of the republic would still be alive. To make the implicit fact explicit, President Trump would probably be healthy and be winning the election right now if he had simply chosen to follow the science when the coronavirus first appeared. Due to his own choices, he’s waking up to a country where millions of Americans are hoping he dies. Due to his own choices, their wish may be fulfilled.

Ultimately, we can not depend on divine justice to do away with the enemies of freedom. The deity who sat back during the Holocaust would happily take a back seat as our nation falls into despotism. We shoulder the burden for building a better tomorrow. Even if Trump does get better and loses the election, the fertile ground that allowed this abomination for a presidency to occur in the first place is still underneath us.

If we are saved from fascism, then it will be due to COVID-19 and luck.

However, we can’t rely on the roll of the dice to save us from oligarchs and religious fanatics.

Unless we are active in fighting those enemies, there will be another would-be dictator in a few years who will once again play on our base instincts.

We may not be so lucky next time.


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