Vote! And The Economist Endorses Joe Biden

Vote! And The Economist Endorses Joe Biden October 29, 2020

The Daily Atheist Morning Show this morning is featuring your favorite humorist (that’s me, BTW), Chris Mallard, and atheist YouTuber The Rage. We’re gearing up for the upcoming election and sharing a few laughs as we do it.

The Economist magazine officially endorsed Joe Biden. The article Why it has to be Biden states many of my thoughts about Trump, Biden, and the United States. As I’ve mentioned many times on my YouTube channel we have the coronavirus to thank for the likely election of Biden to the top job in the country.

Without covid-19, Mr Trump’s policies could well have won him a second term. His record at home includes tax cuts, deregulation and the appointment of benchloads of conservative judges. Before the pandemic, wages among the poorest quarter of workers were growing by 4.7% a year. Small-business confidence was near a 30-year peak. By restricting immigration, he gave his voters what they wanted. Abroad, his disruptive approach has brought some welcome change. America has hammered Islamic State and brokered peace deals between Israel and a trio of Muslim countries. Some allies in NATO are at last spending more on defence. China’s government knows that the White House now recognises it as a formidable adversary.

That does not mean, of course, that Trump is good at his job. It simply means there are solid reasons why voters would choose him for a second term in office if it wasn’t for COVID-19.

However, the facts are the facts regardless of what the GOP says. Donald Trump is a disaster for the country and the world.

However, our bigger dispute with Mr Trump is over something more fundamental. In the past four years he has repeatedly desecrated the values, principles and practices that made America a haven for its own people and a beacon to the world. Those who accuse Mr Biden of the same or worse should stop and think. Those who breezily dismiss Mr Trump’s bullying and lies as so much tweeting are ignoring the harm he has wrought.

The Economist goes down a laundry list of the Trump administration’s sins: exacerbating racial tensions, turning federal agencies into personal fiefdoms, eroding international alliances that took decades to build and nurture, spreading contempt for science, attacking democracy itself for calling for the imprisonment of political opponents, Christ, the list just goes on.

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