Americans Are Stupid? Pat Robertson And More

Americans Are Stupid? Pat Robertson And More November 29, 2020

A corgi smiles.
He’s a good boy AND he loves these short videos.

YouTube is facing competition from TikTok and Instagram in the form of short videos in a verticle format (like the type you can take with your phone). And short videos means under a minute.  YouTube is promoting shorts, so I’ve been cranking a few out. Most of mine are funny and a few attempt to be funny while a couple are serious. (Please subscribe to the channel by clicking here! )

Here are a few of the funny bits focused on the ravings of evangelicals.

Here’s the link
Another short features Mad Pat Robertson.

Here’s the link.

These two shorts are strictly comical. Perhaps a bit autobiographical?

Check it out on YouTube!

And the YouTube link.

This last short is taken from a conversation I had with noted Humanist David Niose. He wrote a Psychology Today about whether or not Americans are stupid.

Here is the short.

Here’s the link to the short.

And here is the link to the full conversation.

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